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Running an e-commerce store with Squarespace and with trouble getting provider photos to appear consistent? This LunaPic training video be your solution. This short tutorial with LunaPic will allow you to add picture to landscape or portrait images (white background) to make them look more consistent. The photo editor is absolutely free to use and entirely web based, and therefore you will not have to install any program. Locate and upload the image from your computer to start. Once you’ve finished the edit, you can save the picture to your computer prior to adding to Squarespace. I would suggest editing a ton of pictures (or all pictures based on the number) before uploading to the site. This will improve your efficiency. But you can even benefit yourself with a new cup of coffee for every 10 photographs (that’s what I do! ) . What is LunaPic? LunaPic is a free Adobe Photoshop alternative based from the browser. Though there is a massive selection of online picture editing tools readily available, this particular option can be a great alternative for you, providing you’re not bothered my the onscreen advertisements. The most important feature I enjoy when viewing photographs is How to Change Background of Photo Online – Better Tech Tips the choice to edit the image canvas. Don’t expect a highly polished interface using LunaPic, It is a bit tired looking, however on the other hand , it isn’t coded in flash just like any other options, therefore it is more inclined to be compatible with your PC. Along with the characteristics already mentioned, there’s a wide selection of photo effects baked into the system and additionally, it enables the consumer to retouch photographs effortlessly. It will get the job done quickly and with little fuss, so not too shabby for a free online photo editor. All principal image and movie formats are supported including GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG, AVI, MPG, MOV, FLV and RM (plus a whole lot more). The maximum total upload size is 20 Mb per document. There’s a help section in the LunaPic site if you get stuck with any element of the editor, you may also contact customer support via the enquiry type. So to summarise, LunaPic isn’t a like-for-like replacement for Adobe Photoshop, which is an unrealistic (additionally an unfair) comparison to make, but it’s fantastic value (free) if you do not wish to splash out on Adobe Creative Cloud in this stage.

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